Short Film Festival • 2017

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We want to thank everyone who supported our first ever film festival and making it a success. We look forward to an even better event in 2018!


We’re proud to announce our first annual Short Film Festival!

Over the past few months, we’ve scoured the local film community for great short films to fill the bill for our first ever short film festival.

Now it’s time to come and see what we found!

Because we are focused on short works, all the pieces are between three minutes and fifteen minutes long. And to ensure we have a fun event for most ages, we required that all films meet and adhere to commonly accepted film ratings so no piece is stronger than PG-13.
Come out and see what our local filmmakers are up to – as a bonus, you can help pick the Audience Choice Award near the end of the show.

C’mon! Help us start something special in Hilliard for local filmmakers!

Friday, August 18, 2017 • 7 p.m.

Buy tickets online now – All seats are $10

*Tickets will also be available at the door

Hilliard Civic and Cultural Arts Center

5425 Center Street, Hilliard, OH 43026

Here is a list of our film submissions:

Name of film                         Genre                                   Production company                  Director

Shadow Creature                       Horror                                    Duel Edge                                           Danny Kazee Jr.

Love was Kind                           Drama                                    Cineonymous short films                 Jordan Kimes

Justice is served                        Action                                     Ghostbus Productions                     Michaela Chilenski

The Sky is Falling                     Comedy                                  Nick Shaheen                                     Nick Shaheen

Das Fishchiein                          Music                                      Independent                                       Alex Caperton

Claymation Zombies                Scifi                                        Tape About it                                      Jake Jolley

When the Rain Breaks            Documentary                        Blue Monkey Films                           Peter Brown

The Kelpie                                  Scifi                                        Independent                                       Hilary Hirtle

Love on the Line                      Drama                                     Storytime Pictures                            Amanda Daly

The Double Take                      Comedy                                  4400 Films                                         Leigh Zeidner

The Haunting                            Horror                                    Loomis and Myers Productions     Karoline Betteridge

Family,Felloship,Tradition     Documentary                        Megan Wycuff                                     Megan Wycuff

This is Serious                           Comedy                                  Caleb + Nesya                                     Caleb Masula

Eyes See Circles                        Drama                                   2 bad Films                                           Bram Fulk

Marc the weather bot              Comedy                                 Nick Shaheen                                      Nick Shaheen


Questions? hilliardartscouncil@gmail.com.