Audition Announcement

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TALKING WITH Auditions for the Hilliard Arts Council production of Talking With will be held virtually January 29-Feb. 6. Talking With is a series of monologues for 10 women. In order to audition, access the script linked below to choose the part you wish to audition for and record yourself performing it Script Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iJfPzzPYFfgGiY4zLpRK4VX4FBUZ4HHq/view?usp=drivesdk Send the recording to Robin Brenneman at kenrob@columbus.rr.com. Once the play has been cast, Robin will work with each actor individually on zoom for a couple of weeks. The last two weeks will be done in person at the theatre with each actor rehearsing during a specific time. The production will be recorded and shown virtually on showtix4u. Questions please contact Robin at the above email...

Talley’s Folly Revival of Virtual Production

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Recorded production revival video streaming performances, Friday January 15 to Sunday January 17. Tickets from Show tix 4 u link are $10. per person Hilliard Arts Council is proud to virtually bring you “Talley’s Folly,” Lanford Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play. Our recorded production will be available again for streaming from 12:01 am Friday January 15 (late Thursday) through Sunday January 17 until 10pm. (EST) Simply click the Rent Video button on that page. Tickets from Show tix 4 u link are $10. per person Your purchase provides you up to 48 hours of access within the 3 days viewing window. The show is in a single act and runs about 90 minutes. To avoid losing access before you are finished viewing, we recommend not starting your streaming after 9pm on Sunday night. “Talley’s Folly” takes place in a deserted Victorian boathouse on the Talley place in Lebanon, Missouri in 1944. Matt Friedman, an accountant from St. Louis, has arrived to plead his love to Sally Talley, the susceptible but uncertain daughter of the family. Bookish, erudite, totally honest, and delightfully funny, Matt refuses to accept Sally’s rebuffs and her fears that her family would never approve of their marriage....

Famous Art Re-Creation Contest

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Thanks to all who entered our contest! We have some wonderful entries! Our HAC board has chosen the top three from the amazing submissions! Now it is your turn. Enter your choice for the winning Art Re-creation entry through the survey link provided below. The top three entries are posted here in no particular order! They are anonymous until we post again with the winning names after the vote. The winning submission will be the recipient of a $50. Target Gift Card! Good Luck and happy voting! VOTING LINK Entries will be listed in the survey by the name on the image caption. #1 Frida #2 Modern Renaissance #3 Van Gogh FRIDAENTRY 1: FRIDA Modern RenaissanceENTRY 2: MODERN RENAISSANCE VAN GOGHENTRY 3: VAN GOGH Google a family friendly famous work of art that inspires you and then recreate the work using  your own personal and creative style.  It’s easy to participate  dress up family members, pets, household items, even food to re-create the work of artsnap a photo of your amazing creationsubmit your amazing re-creation by email to hilliardartscouncil@gmail.com The winning entry will receive a $50 gift card from Target!    Here are the details: All entries must be received  by...