Talley’s Folly an HAC Virtual Theater Production

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Virtual video streaming performances, Nov 13-15. Tickets from Show tix 4 u link are $10. per person Hilliard Arts Council is proud to virtually bring you “Talley’s Folly,” Lanford Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play.Our production will be recorded live and available for streaming from 12:01 am Friday November 13 (late Thursday) through Sunday November 15 at 11:59pm. (EST)Virtual tickets are $10 per device and available for purchase at https://www.showtix4u.com/event-details/41995 . Simply click the Rent Video button on that page.Your provides you up to 48 hours of access within the 3 days viewing window.The show is in a single act and runs about 90 minutes. To avoid losing access before you are finished viewing, we recommend not starting your streaming after 10pm on Sunday night”Talley’s Folly” takes place in a deserted Victorian boathouse on the Talley place in Lebanon, Missouri in 1944. Matt Friedman, an accountant from St. Louis, has arrived to plead his love to Sally Talley, the susceptible but uncertain daughter of the family. Bookish, erudite, totally honest, and delightfully funny, Matt refuses to accept Sally’s rebuffs and her fears that her family would never approve of their marriage. Charming and indomitable, he gradually overcomes her defenses, telling his innermost secrets...

Audition Announcement!

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Talley’s Folly Seeking co-habiting heterosexual couple for Hilliard Arts Council production of Lanford Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize winning play, Talley’s Folly.  This way the two actors would not need to socially distance from each other.  Synopsis. The play takes place in 1944 in Lebanon, Missouri where Matt Friedman, an accountant from St. Louis, comes to plead his love to Sally Talley.  Sally’s family doesn’t approve of Matt and she refuses his proposal of marriage.  Throughout the course of the play Matt and Sally gradually find a way to come together. Character descriptions: Matt: 42 and dark, and rather large.  Warm and unhurried, he has a definite talent for mimicry.  In his voice there is still a trace of a German-Jewish accent of which he is probably unaware.   Sally: 31. Light, thin, quite attractive but in no way glamorous or glamorized.  Straightforward, rather tired.  When she gets angry, she has a pronounced Ozark accent, but when she concentrates on what she is saying, the accent becomes much less pronounced.   Auditions Sat. Oct. 16 and Sunday Oct. 17.  Contact Robin Brenneman at kenrob@columbus.rr.com to arrange an audition time.  Auditions will be held at the Hilliard Civic and Cultural Arts Center....